1. Why getting a Canbot?

Canbot is a tiny figure that will brighten up your day!
He is not only an awesome lucky charm but he has been through a long path to become a robot from a soda can.  Simply look up to your own Canbot whenever you need inspiration to confront any challenges in life. Feed him lo
ve and care and he will be there for you forever.
2. How to pick a  Canbot?

Check out the Canbot page and get a general idea of how many variations of Canbot.  You can either pick the one you love at first sight or design your own Canbot with your creativity! 

Just keep in mind that every part of Canbot is carefully selected and assembled piece by piece to make sure the canbot will come out alive with unique and distinctive personalities.
3. How to design my own Canbot?

It's Simple. Just go to our eShop, and select the "Custom Made" package. Click on the Thumbnail on the left and you will get a color guide. After you made a payment by Paypal, you can send us a note to confirm with your color selections. Please contact us for expected completion date.
4. Protection for Canbots

Any single purchase will  come with a Canbot Cabin.  It is a 100% Handmade Aluminum Case or Plastic display case. Please see the "Bonus Gift" description for each item. The Pattern and color will be randomly selected.

The Canbot will be secured and protected by the Cabin, so he can travel anywhere with you for years to come.
5. How many Canbots should I get?

Your Canbot will get lonely by himself. Be sure to check out his friends Panda Alu and Canrex if you want to get a buddy for your canbot.
Many customers like to get a pair of Canbots, keep one for their own and the other for their special someone.  Wishing the Canbots will link up the connections between them. The Canbot can be a mark of friendship, symbol of love, or the share of joy.
6. What should I do with a broken Canbot?

All Canbots are built for lifetime companionship. All Canbots purchased from our website are under Lifetime Warranty.  Damage through wear and tear will be repaired free of charge.  (Please note that neglection and mistreatment of Canbots such as leaving Canbots alone with pets or shooting them as airgun target will not be covered.)

For repairment, please send the Canbot back to our Rescue Center with US$15 return postal & handling fee. For more information, please email us at:
7.  Are Canbots Hygienically Safe?

The Aluminum Cans have been sterilized by chlorine and rinsed thoroughly by hot water before the Canbot production. All Canbots come from a smoke-free and pet-free environment.
8. Are Canbots suitable for kids?

Consider Canbot is an Art work.  Make sure they are given to people who know how to appreciate them.

To avoid choking hazard of small children and the risk of placing Canbot's life in danger, we should keep Canbots away from pets and children under age of 12.
9. How do I get a Canbot for Free?

That's the most frequently asked questions!  We always encourage our Canbot  members to pass the news of Canbot around.

After your first purchase of Canbot from our webiste, you are automatically enrolled in our Free Canbot Program.  If  15 people ordered Canbots from our website by your referral, you  will get a free Canbot of your choice.   Please make sure  your friends will mention  your  name when placing an order.

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